Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome To The Diehl Family Blog!

Welcome To Official Blog Of The Diehl Family From Butzbach and their descendants.
Here you will be able to read up on posts from family members and keep in touch.
You will be able to share photos and stories on our blog.



  1. I've beening looking up my family and I found out that my grandmother was a Diehl. My mother doesn't know much on her mother's side. My mother also told me that we are also related to President John Adams and Queen Elizabeth. I am related to them on both sides of my family. How can I find information on the Diehl side w/o pay for it?

    1. If you do not want to pay for it, you will have to do it yourself the old-fashioned way. Start with yourself and create a tree with what you know about your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.

      This branch of the Diehl family is not related to John Adams or Queen Elizabeth, so you are probably not related to us.

      Good luck in your research!

  2. Wondering if you know a person named: Earl L. Diehl (1908?-1991?). He married twice (1) Ilene Diehl (2) Gladys E Diehl b. abt 1924 d. abt 1981. Ilene and Earl Diehl had Gertrude Diehl. I am related the Gerturde Diehl.

  3. Hello Family Diehl! I am looking for Simone Diehl. She was a very close friend from Butzbachx. We went to school together at the Degernfeld Schule (till 4th grade 1974). If anyone knows her, I would be happy to hear from you or her! Kind regards, Marianne Christensen (Pecher)

  4. My grandfather was Eugene diehl and lived in Chillicothe,oh my mother was mary jo diehl of Chillicothe my great grandfather was Jacob diehl of Chillicothe, oh iam 52 years old